The Bathhouse FAQs

What are the operating hours of the bathhouse?
The Bathhouse is open daily. Operating hours are from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. Our last call for a 90 minute massage is at 7:00 pm.

Am I allowed to use the pools if we get a massage?
Booking massages at The Bathhouse do not include the use of the ‘yin yang’ (cold & hot) soaking pools. Its use is packaged with our 2 and 3 hour spa packages and overnight packages.

Are the soaking pools private?
Our ‘yin yang’ (cold & hot) soaking pools are in a common area of our bathhouse. However, we try to arrange our bookings in such a way that only 1 couple or group use the pools per given time. This is why it is very important that our guests arrive on time for their spa bookings.

What do we wear when we use the pools?
Bathing suits are required in our common wet floor areas.

What do we wear when we avail of massages?
We provide disposable underwears or boxer shorts for your use during your massage.

What are the benefits of using the 'yin yang' pool?
The ancient technique of immersion in hot water takes away tensions and stress, soothes muscular pains, and stimulates the blood’s circulation.

Are there any counter indications when using the pools?
Overall, hydrotherapy is a low-risk practice for most people if common sense precautions are taken, such as not exposing the body to too much heat or cold for extended periods, and drinking adequate fluid to prevent dehydration. However, hydrotherapy can pose risk for certain people including:
  • People with a condition that could be worsened by exposure to extremes of heat or cold (i.e. hypertension, heart disease, or lung disease)
  • People with injuries that could be aggravated by strong motions from water jets
  • People with difficulty perceiving temperature (for example, from neuropathy, or damage to the nerves)
  • Women who are pregnant
  • People who have implanted medical devices such as pacemakers or pumps